We don’t have the spirit of Fear

Paul reminded Timothy at 2 Tim 1:7  “ For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind”

We too need to be reminded with this verse while we are in certain situations in our lives. Don’t forget that the times where Paul and Timothy lived and preached the Gospel was not friendly at all. The Roman government didn’t like this gospel, Jews considered a heretic group and philosophical Greeks as foolishness. Living and preaching the good news in such a hostile environment is not always easy, even when you have fantastic testimonies to warm your heart. That’s why Paul reminded his disciple that he doesn’t need to yield to fear which is a spirit.

The spirit of fear speaks even today, making Christians afraid and directing them to preach another gospel – comfortable. Another gospel where none is offended, but all are welcomed. Today when a Christian preaches a message that makes people uncomfortable, specially because sins that are close to them are mentioned, not only sinners come against the preachers, but also “other Christians” who believe that God is love, so we preach only love messages. “All you need is love”, said Bob Marley in his song and now both sinners and Christians echo the chorus.

Now we are witnessing many things that the Bible condemns but are accepted as norm: homosexuality, the redefinition of marriage, adultery, lying, sex-before marriage etc etc. It is not easy when we say things that for people around us have become normal. But God has warned us at Romans 12 not to be conformed with this world, but to have a different mindset.

Brothers and Sisters, let ask God for boldness to preach a gospel of Grace to those who understand that their sins are so big they are running away from the Creator.

Let us preach also the law of God for those who are living without any holy law, those who have no moral boundaries what is right or wrong. This one needs guts and only Holy Spirit can empower us to do that. Let’s pray and be bold.

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